I will install the program and set up the first WhatsApp broadcast within 20 minutes.

This service is suitable for those who want to send 100-200 messages per day or as needed.

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0:30 Installing the WhatsApp WEB broadcast program.
0:57 Opening Google Chrome and logging into WhatsApp WEB.
1:17 Preparing the phone number database. Uploading a list of names and phone numbers for the broadcast.
2:06 Composing the broadcast message. Making it variable.
2:58 Verifying the uploaded list.
3:05 Launching the WhatsApp broadcast.
3:25 Configuring quick replies in WhatsApp Business.
4:28 Engaging in conversations using quick replies.

  • The program becomes fully owned by you.
  • If desired, the installation can be recorded, so that you can later install the program on another computer or restore it after reinstalling Windows.

To ensure a quick installation, you need to prepare in advance:

Prepare the database in Excel with 2 columns – Name and phone number. Alternatively, use a text file where the separator between the name and the number is a comma (e.g., name, +1810………).

Prepare the text of the message.

Before sending, add the recipients to the address book of the phone that has the SIM card of the account you will use for the broadcast. WhatsApp checks if the number is present in your address book, and if it’s not there, the system may identify you as a potential spammer.

Google Chrome must be installed on your computer.

Download AnyDesk to your computer from this page Download AnyDesk to your computer from this page https://anydesk.com/ru/downloads/windows (есть под Windows или macOS).
In this case, the installation and setup of the broadcast will take approximately 15 minutes. If we encounter any difficulties with any of the steps, we will handle them during the process, and I’ll be here to assist you.

WhatsApp Blocked: 6 Reasons and 14 Recommendations to Avoid WhatsApp Blocking

Learn what actions can lead to the blocking of your number on WhatsApp and how to send messages properly to avoid issues with the anti-spam system. We’ll go through all the signs of illegal distribution and find out how not to attract the attention of spam filters. Follow my advice and keep your account secure!

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0:49 The main reason for blocking a number in WhatsApp.
1:38 Attracting new customers.
1:50 Repeat sales or upselling, meaning increasing the average purchase value for those who have already bought from you.
1:59 Informing customers. Order statuses, notifications about new products, and other information sent to your customers.
2:06 Collecting feedback or surveys to assess the quality of the service received by the customer.
2:43 First message and first complaint.
3:01 Other indirect signs of mass distribution.
3:22 What the spam filter sees when you send a message and what types of data it precisely collects.
3:29 It sees all the computer’s environment: IP address, browser, programs, operating system, and much more.
4:10 Text composition control.
4:29 Text volume control.
4:42 Text and attachment content control. Shingles.
5:27 Link control.
5:44 A typical case of WhatsApp account blocking, reasons.

Improving the reputation of your WhatsApp account.

This video demonstrates various strategies to increase the significance of your contact number in the eyes of anti-spam filters and strengthen its reputation.

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00:52 Account warming in WhatsApp.
01:49 How many broadcasts to launch from one computer?
01:59 How many broadcasts to launch from one internet connection?
02:12 Message randomization.
02:22 Personalization by addressing the customer by name.
02:32 The first message. Avoid using links!
02:57 The database for the broadcast.
03:03 Avoid selling in the very first message!
03:20 Uploading recipients to the address book.
03:36 Pauses between sending messages.
03:43 The particularly risky period after registering the number.
04:05 Android emulators on the computer and WhatsApp.
04:26 WhatsApp Business application.
04:39 Responding to customer messages.
05:11 Official limits for WhatsApp message broadcasting.
05:33 How to avoid getting your accounts blocked.
06:30 Enhancing reputation in WhatsApp using VCARD via link or QR code.

Improving the reputation of your WhatsApp account.

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